Energy Systems

According to Dr. Donna Eden in her Energy Medicine book, we have 9 different energy systems.  In 2015, after my 2nd divorce, I decided to get this book to enhance my energy work with my clients.  I figured if I was going to try these techniques with my clients and talk to them about it, I needed to know if they worked and if it was true.  I spent the next year to year-and-a-half working my way through the book and ... it completely changed my life!!!  Cleaning out my energy systems released a lot of negative habits and blockages.  It was a difficult journey but I'm so much happier and healthier on the other side.



Your aura is outer protective field that surrounds your body in an egg shape.  Imagine, if you will, the force field around a spaceship in movies. It emanates from your body, filtering and drawing energies as appropriate for you.  It operates as a filter and an antenna.



The meridians are pathways that carry energy into, through and out of your body.  They "connect the dots", run through the organs, and have an ebb & flow like rivers and oceans.  These are used in, but not limited to: Acupuncture, Accupressure, dry needling, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and Polarity.  They act as a transportation system.

Chakra Image.jpg


Chakras are your energy centers or stations.  There are the main 7 but there are at least 16 and some claim up to 100 within the body.  Imprints of emotionally significant and important events are stored here.  Each chakra as related to different organs, emotional and spiritual health.  From birth, parental relationships, self relationships, communications, intuition, and your higher self.



These constitute an energy that seems to act as a bridge that connects all the other energy systems on a basic level of the body's electricity.  They are not independent like the aura and chakras, but connected to all, yet as it's own individual components.


Celtic Weave

These energies spin, spiral, curve, twist, crisscross, and weave themselves into patterns throughout the body.  Some cultures call it the "Tibetan energy ring", In yoga, it is represented by 2 curved lines that cross seven times.  In the West, it's seen as the caduceus, also associated with the Greek god Hermes. Like invisible threads, they keep all the energy systems functioning as a single unit by networking throughout and around the body in spiraling figure-eight patterns. It is proven to use figure-eight patterns with people with mental conditions in order to connect the 2-sides of the brain and to connect energy patterns.

basic grid.png

Basic Grid

As the root Chakra appears to the be foundation as you're standing up, the Basic Grid is the foundation as you're laying down.  This is the bedrock of all the other energy systems and chakras are embedded in the grid.  The basic grid is to the body as the steel infrastructure is to a building.  If there's a break in the grid, all of the other energy systems will be impaired.

5 rythyms.jpg

Five Rhythms

Energy moves in waves. Waves move in patterns. Patterns move in rhythms. These were mapped perhaps as early as 3000 B.C. by Chinese physicians.  Also referred to as "five elements", "five phases", or "five seasons". It is an elegant framework for sympathetically understanding and appreciating human character, temperament, cycles, and illnesses.  They break down to Winter, Spring, Summer, Indian Summer or Solstice/Equinox, and Fall.

triple warmer - arms.jpg

Triple Warmer

The Arms of your immune system. The triple warmer prepares your body for war.  It is your body's energetic military defense system.  In the states of fight, flight, or calm, the triple warmer heats your body in 3 different ways. It is like the king that orchestrates the army from different locales, organs and systems to fight what it thinks is the enemy. It has full authority but never pulls energy from the queen, the heart.  It contains information from as least protzoa so if it has millions of years of information stored if we can tap into it.  Much of which is silent in the current environment.

Radiant Circuits.jpg

Radiant Circuits

The energy counterpart to bliss, joy and happiness. When they are active, you feel happy ...  much more than a giddy kind of joy and happy.  It is the purest form of happiness that can't be explained, from deep within. The radiant circuits are the "inner mom" as the triple warmer are the "inner militia". The mom organizes all the organs and energy systems to function as a tightly knit family through support, inspiration, and strength.  Rather than a military approach, their idea of a good defense is through well-integrated, radiant community.